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Get Paid To Pay Your Bills

Paytm Canada helps you manage, track and pay all your bills using credit card, bank account, or Paytm Cash. While you're at it get up to 5% cashback on popular brands. Use Paytm's Send Money to transfer money to your friends and family in seconds for free.

Features Up Close

This is how we help you stay on top of your bill payments

  • Pay Over 5000 Billers

    Browse or search thousands of billers to add and pay them in just a few taps.

  • Complete Control

    Set a due date, payment frequency, snooze reminders and even set a preferred payment method for each bill.

  • Reminders to Avoid Late Fees

    Get timely notifications starting 10 days before the bill is due to avoid late fees.

  • No Fees

    We never charge a fee on your bill payments. In fact, we frequently run promotions to help you save.

  • We'll Add Your Bills

    Send the "bill due" email or photo of the bill to "". We'll scan and add it to your account.

  • We Care

    Adam, Aravind, Preeti and Sophie: a team of real people that answer all of your questions via email or FB Messenger

Get Paid To Pay Your Bills

Get up to 5% cashback on Canada's most popular brands.

VIP Experience

Pay more than $500 worth of bill payments using your bank account or Paytm Cash to become a VIP

Canada's Most Popular Brands

Get up to 5% cashback towards Tim Hortons, Esso,, Best Buy, Indigo, and Just Eats