Canada's most rewarding app

Paytm is Canada's most rewarding app

Collecting Paytm Points is easy

1. Pay bills

1. Pay bills

2. Earn Paytm Points

2. Earn Paytm Points

3. Redeem your Paytm Points for rewards in the app

3. Redeem your Paytm Points for rewards in the app

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I love the fact that Paytm gives me something for just paying my bills, which I have to do anyway! I might as well get some extras for doing so. I use the Amazon gift cards mostly because we like to buy books there.


The ease to pay and just how convenient it is. I went on a 2 week trip to Asia and used it to pay my bills as they came up even when I was 13,000km away from home.


I love Paytm Points. They accumulate quicker than you think, and I’m paying all of my bills through the app anyway, so it’s a nice surprise when you check the balance and realize just how many Points you have.


It’s so easy to make my regular bill payments, but also being able to earn rewards just for paying my bills is incredible!


Being able to use my credit card to pay bills when that option is not available by the service provider.


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Our StoryThe Paytm Canada team

In 2014, Paytm Labs Inc., was established in Toronto, Ontario and we are an internationally recognized payments and financial services company. We want to bring better financial services to Canadians.

In 2017, the Paytm Canada application launched a consumer-facing mobile application allowing Canadians to pay their bills using multiple payment options and earn rewards via their smartphone. We are a registered Money Services Business (MSB) regulated by FINTRAC.

In 2019, we opened an office in Montreal as we continue to grow our operations in Canada.

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The only app in Canada that gives you Rewards for your bill payments. Plus, choose how you want to pay: credit card, bank or cash. Watch your points grow.

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