SmartBills on Paytm

With Paytm SmartBills you have the ability to view every bill amount and due date directly in the app. All that you have to do is BYOB(ills).

Are you Ready for this?

Bills In One Place
With over 5,000 companies on our app, you will easily find the one for you.
Pay Using Credit Cards
Double your points - your credit card points AND Paytm Points
No More Late Fees
We’ll send you an email and an in-app reminders when your bills are due
Pay Using Cash
Walk-in to any of the thousands of Canada Post locations nationwide, and top-up your Paytm account
Pay Using Bank
Enjoy the convenience of adding your Canadian bank, and securely paying a bill. We support over 50 Canadian banks and Credit Unions
We’ve Got Your Back
If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’re not 100% satisfied. Reach out to us through email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Word on the street
Jennifer R

Set up was a breeze and it even reminds me when bills are coming due. I love that I earn money to pay my bills, by paying my bills!

Ashleigh B

Paytm gives me something when everyone else is taking.  A cash back benefit and contests make it “almost” exciting to pay all your regular bills.  Keep it up Paytm!

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