Pay. Collect. Redeem.

1 Point for Every $1 Spent*
Get Points for every bill payment and purchase.
Redeem Points for Cashback Offers
You’ll get exclusive offers so that you won’t run out of ways to redeem your Points.
Get reward
Get More Savings
We’ve got hundreds of deals from top brands, and we’re just getting started.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Learn more.

Collecting Points Made Easier

Watch your Points grow for every dollar that you spend on Paytm. Plus, you’ll collect Bonus Points every time you hit a milestone.
1,000 Bonus Points
Get a 1,000 Paytm Points when you verify your Paytm profile.
500 Bonus Points
Pay 3 different bills in one month (at least $50 each).
250 Bonus Points
Link a new biller and get 250 points.
Oh, One More Thing…
Paytm Points are in addition to the points you collect on your credit card.

Get Incredible Deals

Here are a few special offers for you. Grab them before they are gone. Download the app to view the entire catalog.
just eat_shadow
Up to 12% Cashback
Special Offer: Redeem Points to get 12% cashback on a Just Eat gift card
Up to 10% Cashback
Special Offer: Redeem 1500 Points to get 10% cashback on an Esso gift card.
Up to 50% Cashback
Special offer: Redeem 15,000 Points to get 50% cashback on a Jack Astor’s gift card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect Paytm Points?

Great question, here’s what you can do to collect Points:

  • Verify your Paytm profile = 1000 Points
  • Pay bills: $1 spent = 1 Point*
  • Purchase Rewards: $1 spent = 1 Point*
  • Pay 3 different bills = 500 Bonus Points
  • Pay 5 different bills = 1000 Bonus Points
  • Pay any bills for 3 consecutive months = 10% Bonus Points
  • Load a bill = 250 Bonus Points

If you have any questions about how you can collect Points, please email us: 

*Terms & Conditions apply. Learn more.

How do I redeem my Paytm Points?

You can redeem Points for Paytm Rewards. Download the app, and browse the Paytm Rewards catalog to check out the exciting offers we have for you.

Do my Points Expire?

Yes, your Points will expire if you have not collected or redeemed any points for 6 consecutive months.